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Our mission is to preserve the skills of model engineers, and the models produced by them, for future generations so they can be enjoyed by future model enthusiasts and the public.


You can learn more about the Society on the About Us page and you can get our full events list on the Events page. The News page gives new information that may be of interest to members and the public. Directions to the Society’s railway are given on the Directions page. The Gallery page shows some of the activities and models of the Society. The Contact page gives details on how to contact the Society while the Links page contains useful links to other model engineering societies and clubs, and also to other sites that model engineers may find to be useful. This web site also contains a page (Members page) that  is specifically of interest to members of the Society. Clicking on the Home page link on the top of the page menu bar brings you back to this page.


New members are always welcome.


If you are interested in joining, please send us an email or visit the railway on a Saturday afternoon. Our email address is info@dsmee.ie


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The DUBLIN SOCIETY OF MODEL AND EXPERIMENTAL ENGINEERS exists to promote the development or the model engineering hobby by providing support and encouragement to interested people.


NO TRAINS on 9 and 16 July 2016


Please note that there will be no trains running on the DSMEE Miniature Railway on the afternoons of Saturday 9 and Saturday July 2016, due to the concerts taking place in Marlay Part on these weekends. Normal services will resume on Saturday afternoon of 23 July and each Saturday thereafter, weather permitting. We hope our patrons will not be too disappointed and we look forward to seeing them on 23 July and subsequent Saturdays.



Members of DSMEE are advised to look at the members’ page for information on Jack Taylor's Open Day on 9 July