New Groups for Members

For technical reasons, it has proved not to be possible to have a private area on this site exclusively for access by DSMEE members. For this reason a private group has been set up under the system, wherein DSMEE members can communicate in private and post pictures and files for use by other members. If you are a DSMEE member and have not received an invitation to join this group, please email and state in the email that you wish to join the group.



Raised Track

The sleeper replacement program continued over the winter and the current work has been completed to allow the line to reopen on time for the 2018 season on 7 May 2018.


Ground level Track

The major program of replacement of wooden sleepers on the ground level line, continued over the winter 2017-2018. 32 lengths of track were lifted in the autumn. This represents 128 meters of track. The sleepers were replaced by long-life recycled plastic sleepers and the track sections were relaid in spring. The final sections were laid on Tuesday 24 April and a locomotive tested the line on Saturday 28 April. The test went well, without any derailment. Some minor adjustmment will be made over the next few weeks. However this should have no effect on the operation of the line. The completion of the work over the last wo wnter season now means that over 50% of the sleepers on the ground track has been replaced. Well done to all members who participated in this work.


Long-time Society member Gordon Drumm has generously presented the Society with a set of points which are planned to be used to bring the  damaged loop back into service.


DSMEE Library

The DSMEE library has now moved from Marlay House to a new facility in the clubhouse. This  makes the contents of the library much more accessable to members. If you want to donate books or magazines that might be of interst to members, please contact Cecil.


Display Rack

The Society was recently given two models (a small traction engine and a 3.5 inch gauge loco) by the family of a model-maker from West Limerick. A display rack to store these models has been welded up by Eric and painted by Denis. The rack has space for plently more models, so if you want to donate or loan models, or know of potential donations, please contact Denis.


Gauge 1 Track

At last the construction of the Gauge 1 track has started. It is located under the trees beside the container. The track plan is a simple single-track oval, measuring 10 metres by 6 meters, giving a total length of  nearly 30 meters. Provision will be made for laying a second parallel line, if required. The line will be mounted at table-top height, and will feature a widened length of 5 meters to facilitate a passing loop and steaming area.















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Last Update: 14 June 2018