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The DUBLIN SOCIETY OF MODEL AND EXPERIMENTAL ENGINEERS (DSMEE) exists to promote the development of the model engineering hobby by providing support and encouragement to interested people.

DSMEE crest

The Dublin Society of Model and Experimental Engineers was founded in January 1901 in the Grafton Tea Rooms, in Grafton Street, Dublin, when a group of like minded enthusiasts got together. It is one of the oldest model engineering societies the world, having been formed only 3 years after the Society of Model Engineers in London was founded in 1898.


Due to the lack of a suitable site, DSMEE did not have a track open to the public until 27th August 1949, when a short tarack was opened in Herbert Park in Dublin. In 1981, the Society moved to its present location in Marlay Park.


The range of modelling by members is very diverse, from locomotives, stationary engines, traction engines, clocks, and ships to some of the machine tools which are required to make the models. Members’ locomotives include coal fired live steam, internal combustion engines and battery powered electric motors


Many or our modellers have not had any formal engineering training but have been encouraged and supported by fellow members to develop their interest. Our members come from many trades, professions and backgrounds. The goal of the Society is to provide a social setting for likeminded hobbysists not just from Dublin, but also from other parts of the country. The Society is also in regular contact with fellow societies in Northern Ireland and visits are exchanged on a regular basis. 


We have 2 separate miniature railway lines in the grounds of Marlay Park in Dublin 16. Both of these lines are multi-gauge.  One of the lines is at ground level and the other is run on elevated track. The ground level line has a total length of 860 metres of which 420 metres is currently in use. Work is currently on-going to bring the entire line back into service. This line caters for 5 inch and 7.25 inch locos and rolling stock. The elevated line is 280 metres long and caters for 3.5 inch, 5 inch and 7.25 inch locos and rolling stock. During the summer, the Society provides free train rides for children on Saturday afternoons on the elevated line, weather permitting. These trains are hauled by locomotives using either live steam, internal combustion or electric batteries as a power source.


In addition, there is also a Gauge 1 elevated line, some 100 ft long, suitable for running Gauge 1  and 45 mm narrow gauge model trains.


Members hold regular meetings, at Marley Park, throughout the year, usually on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Some Saturdays in winter feature a talk or demonstration on a suitable subject followed by an opportunity to meet fellow members, and an opportunity to work on the Society’s facilities.


DSMEE is organised and managed by a committee comprising directors and officers who are elected annually by the members at the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. New members are always welcome. If you wish to contact us our email address is info@dsmee.ie or call into the railway on a Saturday afternoon.